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For the Kayak angler that only wants the best of the best in their paddle.  The Trophy Angler is made using the highest grade materials in our industry.  The blade has a CNC machined foam core with an ABS reinforced edge. Trophy Angler offers the best in balance, power and control.  With its eye popping graphics, and exceptional efficiency in the water, the Trophy Angler will make every fishing outing a pleasurable one.

  • Full size blades provide maximum power
  • Slider Technology – 20cm of length adjustment perfect for High-Low seat systems
  • Adjustable in size from 240-260cm by 5cm increments
  • Dihedral blade design promotes even water displacement
  • Carbon shaft with in-laid tape measure is a witness to your next big catch
  • Foam Core Technology
  • Neon Green ABS outer edge reinforcement
  • Kingpin Connection system offers 15 degree offset increments
  • The lightweight construction of these performance paddles requires the same care and respect you give your high end equipment.
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