Assassin paddle

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The Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle is the full-size version of its legendary predecessor, the Assault Hand Paddle. Weighing right at 38 ounces and 42 ounces, respectively, paddle design and technology is again moving forward! The Assassin is available in 2 different adjustable lengths: 230-240cm (90.5-94.5in) & 250-260cm (98.5-102.5). The Assassin kayak paddles not only display the patented “hook and teeth” blade design and raised graphics package, they also provide unsurpassed performance and versatility. The hook is great for grabbing a line in the water, pulling in decoys, pulling you closer to the dock, or making a tree limb easier to reach. The oversized blade helps to pull a lot of water when paddling and makes turning even easier. The Assassin is designed for form as well as function. The unique blade design allows kayakers more freedom, more comfort and more confidence to challenge themselves. The Assassin was designed for both high angle and low angle paddlers. The shaft is made of a carbon hybrid material to help reduce the overall weight and the oversized ABS injected nylon blade is hard enough to push off on any surface and not crack or flex. Is your lure stuck in a tree? No problem, just grab the branch. Too close to the rocks or oyster shells? No problem, just give a push.

  • Available in 230-240cm or 250-260cm adjustable lengths
  • ABS injected nylon blade
  • Hook feature to grab your line, waterfowl decoy, dock, or tree limb
  • Serrated teeth edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces
  • Made of strong, fade resistant plastic
  • Drip rings included
  • Available only in black shaft and black blade

2 sizes available. Please choose the correct size for your personal preference from the drop-down menu!

| David Pantoja 06-09-2018 15:52

This is one of the best fishing paddles on the market in my opinion. I own other more expensive paddles and I already owned the small Backwater Assasin paddle, but this full-size kayak paddle is amazing. It really feels as light as my more expensive paddles and the hook feature is great for retrieving lures or pulling yourself toward an object. The adjustable length is great and you can rotate the ends to any angled position that you want. You are not forced to choose a preselected notch and once you lock it in, the handles will not slip or become loose. I also like the carbon finish which means in the summer the paddle doesn’t get hot in your hands either. I compared the size of the blades to one of my largest high dollar paddle blades and they are identical in size so I’m able to push just as much water as my expensive carbon fiber paddles. I recommend this paddle to all my fishing buddies because you can’t beat the price, functionality, coolness factor and lightweight feel. I really can’t think of where to improve the design unless you could lighten it up even more, but honestly it just doesn’t feel heavy while paddling. I don’t even use my more expensive paddles anymore. This thing is built like a tank too, so I doubt I will ever break it. 6 stars if I could rate it that way.

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