Mach Speed Pedestal Sheath

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The sheath features an innovative design that mounts easily to a seat pedestal to keep tools in place and handy. The sheath’s coated strap loop keeps it from slipping around the pedestal, while a hook-and-loop closure ensures its securement to the pedestal. There are two holsters on the sheath's front side to accommodate one tool each. A gravity- fall cover with magnetic closure allows easy return of tools to the sheath without looking, plus secures them in place with no additional effort required.


  • Mounts to seat post for convenient access and storage
  • Rubber strap grips post and won’t slip
  • Hook and loop strap adjust to fit any seat post
  • Storage for two tools
  • Magnet strap provides convenient access and secures tools while on the move
  • Durable dual molded nylon construction
  • Pliers not included
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