Mod Pod II

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Fantastic upgrade for your Vibe Sea ghost 110 or 130. 60/40 split hatch provides better utility and access than the current hatch.  Below is what you need to install this hatch;

  • 4 bungee buttons (not included)
  • 4 M5 .8x16mm Flat head machine screws (not included)

You will need to have a cutting tool to "notch" the bottom of the latches on the hatch.  This will allow the latches to fit in the existing recess' in the molded console.

| Larry Wantland 25-05-2018 19:54

I received my order quickly and the pod cover looks and works great. It took me less than 15 minutes to make the necessary modifications. I'm glad these folks had the ingenuity to develop this enhancement. Great work and great service.

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