Strike King Pro-Model 5 Reel Shad

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Strike King® has a complete line of crankbaits for all applications, depth ranges, types of actions, sizes, etc. The Pro Model® Series have 3D eyes, beautiful chip resistant finishes, internal free-floating rattles, premium hooks and run great. Check out the Pro Model®, XD and KVD series crankbaits and you will see why so many pros choose Strike King®, a leader in hard baits.

A medium-bodied deep diver, the Series 5 is designed with a medium wobble and medium buoyancy, The Series 5 has a 2° diving plane to allow for lengthened casts and deeper depths. The “Go-To” crankbait for many Touring Pro’s.

Sometimes a quieter approach is the key to success. The Silent Series models do not have a rattle. On pressured waters, extremely clear water, or when an active school turns off, try a Silent Series 5 and see what happens…

Dives to 10'+ 4" Two No. 4
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