Tungsten Weedless Finesse Jig Heads

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Eagle Claw the U.S. manufacturer of premium quality fish hooks unveils a new family of Pro-V Finesse jigs under Trokar available through retailers nationwide late Spring 2019. Equipped with tungsten heads in a variety of size and color options in standard and weedless versions, the Pro-V Finesse jigs offer a new benchmark for Ned-style rigging. They are also well suited for a variety of other applications making them a versatile addition to any tackle box. Each jig features a molded keeper and the Pro-V bend in the hook which work in conjunction to keep baits in place. In addition, the Pro-V bend is stronger than comparable round bend hooks, and increases the holding power of the hook by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat and keeping it there after hook set. Moreover, American made fish hooks featuring Trokar’s patented triple sided point ensure effective hooksets, no matter the target species.

 The series is also available in a Lazer Sharp version with a lead head, and with the patented Lazer Sharp needlepoint hook point.

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