Twerk Minnow

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The Cal Coast Fishing Twerk Minnow is an original, hand-carved and hand-poured weedless swimbait born in the California Delta. The Twerk Minnow is extremely versatile, especially in heavy cover, and has a ton of action in cold water.

It’s designed to be rigged weedless with a keel-weighted Owner Beast hook but can also be rigged with a jig head when fishing in open water. This bait is often used bounced slowly across the bottom, or it can be steadily retrieved at an even pace for a smooth, effortless swim. 

The Cal Coast Fishing Twerk Minnow has a unique realistic swimming action that flat-out catches fish!

The 5 1/2-inch Twerk Minnow is designed to accommodate a 6/0 or 8/0 Owner Beast swimbait hook, whereas the 7 1/2-inch version will accommodate a 10/0 or 12/0 hook.

  • 5.5" - two swimbaits per pack
  • 7.5" - one swimbait per pack 
  • Boot tail enhances vibration
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