Classic Bass Baitcast Rods

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The Vexan ® bass series line-up is designed to meet your exacting needs casting and trolling all sizes and types of bass lures, and the Vexan ® bass feature serious backbone for both the cast and the hook-set, yet retain sensitivity needed to detect the lightest bite.

Vexan is an industry leading rod manufacturer offering top quality, affordable fishing rods, specializing in Muskie and Pike rods. We are delighted to announce the introduction of the all new Vexan Bass Series, built to the same exacting standards that propelled the TI Muskie rod series into ‘the top 3’ in the Musky and Pike markets.

Vexan rods are built with a modified IM8+ trade secret TitanTM technology blank offering superior strength, flexibility, sensitivity and years of durability. Vexan ® rods also use trade secret super light alloy guides with super strong alloy guide rings to give you years of quality fishing; not broken guides, providing  smoother casts and cause less wear and tear on your fishing line.  High quality Fuji® components are used on all Vexan ® fishing. From the top quality super light alloy guides to the Fuji reel seats to the revolutionary handle design, Vexan offers superior quality for less money.  Every rod comes with a ‘No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty’.

Feel the difference with Vexan ®!

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